Battroid Attack lets you:
  • Pilot your favorite mecha
  • Fight enemies you have dreamed of for years
  • Explore a place that you've seen many times before

If you ever watched Japanese anime from the 80's, you should enjoy this.

The first time you play the game in your browser, it may take a minute or two to fully load.  If you get a progress bar that looks like it is stuck, be patient, it will load eventually.  The game has been successfully play-tested in Chrome and Edge.

This game demo was developed by a team of just one person, taking just over a year, and it is my first game ever.   Anything is possible if you really work at it.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below

Visit for more details or see my YouTube channel

Development log


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Hey great game, I made a similar one! How can I PM you? You can see the game here: